Not that anyone asked…

The point of view from halfway through.

My Story

Laura Nelson Lof

My blog “The View From The Porch” and my kids have grown up. We’ve aged out and into “Not that anyone asked…” This is the view from a little more than halfway through. I write about baffling changes that we haven’t seen since adolescence. And that was a helluva long time ago. We also didn’t really talk about these changes when we were teens. We’re older than grown adults, friends, and we can talk about what we want. Besides, we’re the only ones listening.

Not that anyone asked…

Laura Nelson Lof writes from her home in a small Iowa college town. A member of the University of Iowa class of 1986, she is an avid supporter of her alma mater. She’s a life-long Iowan (except for that 10-year exile in Omaha.) Pronouns are she/her/hers.